Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Kathryn Jenson-White or as most her students call her, KJW, is an associate professor at The University of Oklahoma for the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. She is also a freelance writer in her free time. She stays very busy with both of these professions, and is very fond of both fields.

Elanie Steyn, an assistant professor at the same college, feels as though KJW is a wonderful individual.

"Kathryn deserves every single good thing that comes her way," Steyn said. "She is one of the most hard-working people I have ever met."

KJW has become rather popular among certain students as well, as her personality is more striking that any professor you might find. She's taught for 30 years, and is currently in the decision process considering whether or not she should retire, but either way she wants to continue working with journalism.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not So Slim Pickins

Everyone likes chicken, right? Well now that that's been established, but where should you get your chicken in Norman?

There's no shortage of options, you've got Raising Cane's and Chicken Express and then the nationwide chains like Popeye's, KFC and Church's. One you may not have heard of though is Slim Chicken's, which is located at 2627 S. Classen Blvd.

While most people in Norman may suggest Cane's, their selection is minuscule and their chicken is far from delicious. Really their only gem is the Cane's sauce. Slim Chickens, however, has a great selection including wraps, tenders, wings, salads and sandwiches. Their chicken is also much better tasting.

"I like Cane's, but since I've tried Slim Chickens I don't really eat there much anymore," OU student Sterling Dycus said. "I think the chicken and fries are much better here."

Another great thing about Slim Chickens is the price, as you can get a large meal for about 5 or 6 dollars.

"It's cheaper too, which is good for us broke college kids," Dycus said.

On Tuesdays Slim Chickens offers half off for OU students, as long as you present your student ID.

"I mean you can come here on a Tuesday and eat for almost nothing," Dycus said. "It's really convenient. That's normally when I end up coming, it's kind of become a weekly thing for me."

So next time you're feeling chicken, you should check out Slim Chickens, especially if it's a Tuesday.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Doin' It New York Style

Pretty much everyone loves eating pizza, right? The real question that arises is: where do you get that pizza?

If you're in Norman, you should probably make it New York Pizza and Pasta. They're located at 217 W Boyd St, just north of OU's campus. They're the best choice for a few reasons: taste, cost, speediness and location.

The taste of the pizza is pretty excellent, and they offer a number of choices for toppings. Probably the best if the Margarita pizza (pictured above), which is made with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, and topped with fresh tomatoes and basil. The cost is also excellent, as you can get a large slice of pizza for under four dollars. They also offer pasta and salad choices.

They will get you your pizza in about five minutes or less, which is great for those people working on a tight schedule. Students especially love it.

“The pizza here is pretty delicious,” OU sophomore Cooper Carroll said. “And it's perfect for a quick lunch when you get a break from school, and cheap too.”

The people who work there are always very nice as well, making for a better dining atmosphere. Perhaps the only downside to the restaurant is that it doesn't deliver like most other pizza places around town.

“It would be better if they could deliver,” Carroll said. “But most people I know are students so it isn't really a problem for us. It's right off campus”

Due to it's convenience and food quality, it has gained quite a loyal following around OU's campus, and has even become somewhat of a hot spot.

“It's a really cool place,” Carroll said. “Definitely worth checking out if you like pizza.”

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mama's House

There's certainly no shortage of Mexican restaurants in the Metro area, but if you're looking for something a little different but still very delicious, Mamasita's should be your choice.

The restaurant, which is located at 1121 NW 63rd in Oklahoma City, has the traditional Mexican choices like enchiladas or tamales, but that's not what keeps its most loyal customers coming back.

The Mexican tacos, tilapia tacos, and Margarita Caesar salad (all three pictured above) are probably the most delicious choices, combining fresh ingredients with excellent flavor.

The Mexican tacos are a perfect combination of steak, onion and cilantro, with green sauce available on the side to add some spice. The tilapia tacos combine blackened tilapia, fresh pico de gallo and Monterey Jack cheese. The fish is excellently cooked, allowing for the upmost amount of flavor. To complete the meal you should order the Caesar salad on the side. It's not a typical Caesar dressing, as it is really more of a vinaigrette with lime juice and a dash of tequila for that extra kick.

"I really like the Mexican tacos and Caesar salad, " Lloyd Vines, who works there as a waiter, said. "I recommend them both to all of my tables. The tilapia tacos are also really good, but not everybody likes fish."

Some people obviously prefer the traditional Mexican choices, and those aren't bad here either, but the specialty items are popular among regulars.

"Oh I just love the food at Mamasita's," Oklahoma City native Debbi Crossmock said. "I've eaten here for years, and I'd recommend the fish tacos to any newcomers."

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very welcoming, as the wait staff are all very friendly.

"I've never had any trouble with the people here," Crossmock said. "They treat you real nice, and the service is pretty quick most the time too."

So next time you're looking for a different dining choice, check out Mama's, you won't be disappointed.

"It's probably one of the better Mexican spots in the City," Crossmock said.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Climb to Success

Matej Dzajkovski loves hip hop music, and his dream is to be a part of it. He left everything behind in his home country of Macedonia to pursue that dream at the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. He's here sharpening his skills and bettering his knowledge of music, hoping to break into the always-tricky music industry.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

See Ya At the Crossroads

When it's late at night, you're hungry, and you're on OU's campus, you've only got one option.

Crossroads, located in the Oklahoma Memorial Union, stays open 24 hours to feed the nocturnals' needs. It is the only campus restaurant that stays open past 2 a.m., and for that reason it is very successful, especially on weekends.

“Yeah I know a lot of people like to get it when they're drunk on the weekend nights,” OU Sophomore Tyler Pruitt said. “It's walking distance from where most people either live or party, so that way they can avoid drinking and driving by eating Crossroads.”

The restaurant offers a number of food options, although most popular are their burgers. In addition to burgers though, they offer breakfast items, sandwiches and salads, among other things.

“The food is pretty good here,” OU Freshman Erik Reyes said. “And because I can use my meal plan it doesn't break the bank. They're also always really nice there, especially when it's fellow students working.”

While Crossroads does accept meal exchanges, points, and sooner sense, they also accept cash or credit. Many students eat there regardless of whether or not they've got a meal plan.

“I've been eating Crossroads since I first started at OU,” OU Senior Nick Rupert said. “And back then I had a meal plan, but the food and convenience have kept me coming back even though I haven't got a meal plan anymore.”

It's pretty clear that Crossroads is one of the favorite options in campus food, as it is normally pretty packed at all hours of the day. The food is very reasonably priced, as you're not likely to spend more than six dollars on a meal.

“I feel like I'll probably eat it as long as I'm at the university.” Pruitt said “There's a lot of pros and no really any evident cons.”

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lookin' Through the Window

A multicultural event this past weekend exhibited a number of cultures, incorporating music, art and food.

Window Into Other Worlds, a house concert event at Mission Hill in Norman, took place this past Saturday, and quite a few people came out to support it. The show allowed local residents to experience and support the work of many local artists and musicians, and 50 or more people came and did just that.

Arabesque, a world music duo consisting of Steve Vanlandingham and OU world music teacher Miranda Arana, headlined the show. They have been a group for six years, and in that time have developed a unique sound that includes a number of cultural traditions

"We have that Asian element, and we also have a very strong Irish and Celtic music plant," Arana said. "And then we also have some Arabic influences, and finally we are representing Latin American culture as well."

This mix of traditions made for quite a performance, and was a great cultural experience.

The two local artists who were included in the exhibit were Beverly Herndon and Arisha Burmingame. Herndon is an Oriental brushwork painter, and Herndon works mostly with glass mosaics, representing her cultural appreciation.

"It was a really fun show," OU student Katie Ulrey said. "I really enjoyed not only the music, but the art and food as well."

The food was contributed by "O" Asian Fusion and Himalayas restaurant, and provided a delicious addition to the cultural experience.

"I'd really like to see more things like this around Norman," Ulrey said. "It's always important for people to experience other cultures."