Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lookin' Through the Window

A multicultural event this past weekend exhibited a number of cultures, incorporating music, art and food.

Window Into Other Worlds, a house concert event at Mission Hill in Norman, took place this past Saturday, and quite a few people came out to support it. The show allowed local residents to experience and support the work of many local artists and musicians, and 50 or more people came and did just that.

Arabesque, a world music duo consisting of Steve Vanlandingham and OU world music teacher Miranda Arana, headlined the show. They have been a group for six years, and in that time have developed a unique sound that includes a number of cultural traditions

"We have that Asian element, and we also have a very strong Irish and Celtic music plant," Arana said. "And then we also have some Arabic influences, and finally we are representing Latin American culture as well."

This mix of traditions made for quite a performance, and was a great cultural experience.

The two local artists who were included in the exhibit were Beverly Herndon and Arisha Burmingame. Herndon is an Oriental brushwork painter, and Herndon works mostly with glass mosaics, representing her cultural appreciation.

"It was a really fun show," OU student Katie Ulrey said. "I really enjoyed not only the music, but the art and food as well."

The food was contributed by "O" Asian Fusion and Himalayas restaurant, and provided a delicious addition to the cultural experience.

"I'd really like to see more things like this around Norman," Ulrey said. "It's always important for people to experience other cultures."


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