Sunday, March 7, 2010

See Ya At the Crossroads

When it's late at night, you're hungry, and you're on OU's campus, you've only got one option.

Crossroads, located in the Oklahoma Memorial Union, stays open 24 hours to feed the nocturnals' needs. It is the only campus restaurant that stays open past 2 a.m., and for that reason it is very successful, especially on weekends.

“Yeah I know a lot of people like to get it when they're drunk on the weekend nights,” OU Sophomore Tyler Pruitt said. “It's walking distance from where most people either live or party, so that way they can avoid drinking and driving by eating Crossroads.”

The restaurant offers a number of food options, although most popular are their burgers. In addition to burgers though, they offer breakfast items, sandwiches and salads, among other things.

“The food is pretty good here,” OU Freshman Erik Reyes said. “And because I can use my meal plan it doesn't break the bank. They're also always really nice there, especially when it's fellow students working.”

While Crossroads does accept meal exchanges, points, and sooner sense, they also accept cash or credit. Many students eat there regardless of whether or not they've got a meal plan.

“I've been eating Crossroads since I first started at OU,” OU Senior Nick Rupert said. “And back then I had a meal plan, but the food and convenience have kept me coming back even though I haven't got a meal plan anymore.”

It's pretty clear that Crossroads is one of the favorite options in campus food, as it is normally pretty packed at all hours of the day. The food is very reasonably priced, as you're not likely to spend more than six dollars on a meal.

“I feel like I'll probably eat it as long as I'm at the university.” Pruitt said “There's a lot of pros and no really any evident cons.”


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